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Adventurer's Chronicle

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Runic Moon

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Secret Garden

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Launching March 20th

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Tarot Boxes

About the Bindery

Black Oak Bindery is the bindery of Holly D'Oench and was born out of a love for handcrafted items and a lifelong obsession with all things fantasy.

Worlds come to life by being filled with wondrous items like grimoires and tomes. Being able to hold one of these items in your hands is a unique experience. As an artisan, it is my joy to provide that experience by bringing these books into existence. 

The books are ornate and meant to be beautiful objects, but they are also built to be used. They are great for use as a Book of Shadows, personal journals, or character journals for D&D.

I hope my books bring a little more magic into your life. 

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Custom Orders

Have an idea?

I gladly take orders with customizations. Options include but are not limited to:

  • Different color leather.

  • Different color gems.

  • Different runes. 

Many customizations (like those listed) can be done free of charge but major ones will require an extra fee. 

Use the form below to contact me with any ideas you might have and we can work out timing.

Inquiries & Custom Orders

Thanks for submitting!

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